This department is dedicated to customer services and, is thus the communication between the company and its clients.

In this department we provide:

  •        IT Product sales

  •        After- Sales support

  •         Corporate social responsibility

  •        Promotion

Our unique ability to design and develop networks coupled with our successful track record in networking, hardware support, and maintenance makes us an enviable partner.

  •        IT Support & Maintenance

  •        Cabling

  •        Systems Architecture and Server Management

  •        Thin Client Technology

  •         Networking

  •         Hardware Repairs

  •         CCTV Security systems

  •         Ncomputing and WYSE terminals

Our undoubted strength to design and develop software solutions that can be customized for any work environment as well as our success in the development of in house software solutions to suite our country’s needs, that are certified by Microsoft , makes us an enviable partner for software solutions developments projects. 

We provide:

  •       Web Design & Development

  •       Specialized Systems Development & Installation

  •       Consultancy

  •       In-house Products