IT Infrastructure


      IT Support & Maintenance

We offer ICT audits to evaluate organizations’ ICT status and provide the necessary recommendation to improve efficiency. Moreover, we offer regular support and maintenance to our clients. Our Support and Maintenance contracts are highly customized to meet your needs. Our track record in this field of work is excellent.


We link computers in a corporate network. Our consultants cable according to international standards such as the EIA/TIA 568A. Our team is not only qualified but also certified in the Industries leading cabling products like Molex. Thus our work is guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to 25 years. We also offer various brands for cabling.

      Systems Architecture and Server Management

We build conceptual designs that define a company’s structure and requirements at front and back-end levels. This involves configurations of servers, routers, switches, SANs and all back-end devices which composes the data centers.

      Thin Client Technology

We supply and install N-computing and WYSE terminals. This technology helps to reduce power and computing costs by reducing the operating costs through low maintenance costs. The technology is one of the products which were highly marketed by Techware in the country since its inception in 2006.


Our network designs will give you a peace of mind and enable hassle free network management. Our business partnership with the likes of CISCO means that you always get the best and most reliable equipment for your needs. This involves installations and configurations of VOIP equipment in an existing data networks to cut escalating costs in voice networks.

       Hardware Repairs

We inspect and diagnose hardware problems for computers, scanners, servers, UPS, printers and smart phones. The usual virus problems are also dealt with.

        CCTV Security systems

Techware offers a complete line of quality CCTV cameras and security cameras for surveillance systems at homes, offices and different business which include shops and retail businesses. The also includes the latest on the technology being IP cameras for ease of access at different geographical locations.

         Ncomputing and WYSE terminals

 We are the pioneers of the Ncomputing technology in the country. The use of terminals helps reduce computing costs dramatically and drive an organization towards green computing. The Ncomputing technology won the best innovation awards in 2007.